ITH Snowball Set 03 4x4
ITH Snowball Set 03 4x4
ITH Snowball Set 03 4x4
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ITH Snowball Set 03 4x4

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This is a great way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained during the chilly winter months.

There are 5 different snowballs included in this set.

They are made in a single hooping with a little hand stitching to finish them off. A quick stitchout and definitely the easiest snowballs you’ll ever make! - no multi panels that require several hoopings and a sewing machine for final assembly.

Designed for 4x4 hoops. Embroider as many as you like and enjoy a safe, fun indoor snowball fight!

We also have a free printable gift tag available HERE .

Instructions in PDF format


These designs do not create a multi-panel perfectly round ball. They are flatter in shape but are still perfectly usable as a soft toy.

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