ITH Quilted Mug Rug 03 6x10 8x12
ITH Quilted Mug Rug 03 6x10 8x12
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ITH Quilted Mug Rug 03 6x10 8x12

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This set consists of a rectangular “in the hoop” quilted mug rug in 2 sizes – 6x10 and 8x12. It is a very easy project to complete.

The finished item can be used as a mug rug, pretty table mat or as a hot pad in the kitchen. It also makes a lovely, elegant hostess gift and as a quick present for birthdays or Christmas.


• Tearaway stabiliser
• Fabric for the mug rug
• Light weight Batting, felt, fleece or heat resistant batting
• Embroidery adhesive spray
• Embroidery threads
• Fabric glue or hand stitching to close the folded backing if required

Design Information:

• 6x10 = 239.6 x 158.3 mm or 9.43 x 6.23 inches; 9875 stitches
• 8x12 = 295.2 x 195 mm or 11.62 x 7.68 inches; 12578 stitches


Do not color sort designs! This is an absolute NO-NO. If you are using embroidery software packages like Husqvarna Premier +2 and PE Design 11(there may be others too), these packages may automatically color sort your design unless the command is disabled

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