ITH Owl Caddy 6x10
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ITH Owl Caddy 6x10

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Hus Pes Jef DST EXP Vip Vp3

The Owl Caddy is a fun addition to your sewing room. It comes in two sizes for 6x10 hoops and is completed in a single hooping. All that’s left to do is to stuff and stitch the opening closed.

The Owl Caddy has a crazy patchwork body, using the stitch and flip technique. This is a great way to use up all those lovely fabric remnants you haven’t had the heart to throw away. There’s also a front pocket to keep your scissors, tape measure and other small sewing essentials on hand.

A free piece in the hoop tutorial is available on our website at

Design Sizes

  • Owl6x1001 – 6.22 x 6.64 inches or 158 x 169 mm
  • Owl6x1002 – 6.22 x 9.84 inches or 158 x 250 mm

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