ITH In the Hoop Tooth Fairy's Magic Key 4x4
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ITH In the Hoop Tooth Fairy's Magic Key 4x4

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Hus Pes Jef DST VIP EXP VP3 formats

Create a magical tradition that your child or grandchild will treasure forever.

Losing a tooth can be scary and there’s also the additional worry about how the tooth fairy will get into your home.

This magic key is designed so that she can get into your house easily and safely, and she will be able to leave a little surprise behind.

There are two in-the-hoop designs in this set – the key and its tag. Both are designed for 4x4 hoops. No sewing required.

Design Sizes:

  • Toothkey = 3.60 x 3.88 inches; 4331 stitches
  • Toothtag= 2.84 x 3.86 inches; 5901 stitches

Instructions included in PDF format

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