ITH Buddy Bear 5x7
ITH Buddy Bear 5x7
The Purple Hat

ITH Buddy Bear 5x7

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5x7 designs in Hus, Pes and Jef formats

Bears make great gifts ... they're loved by everyone!

Buddy Bear is soft and huggable and ready to celebrate those special moments in life, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, a special thank you to a teacher or friend, or to send a get-well wish.

Buddy Bear comes with a set of removable t-shirts, which can be custom-made to suit just about any occasion. Buddy Bear and his t-shirts are made in the hoop embroidery designs. Most of the work is done for you, leaving a few seams to hand or machine stitch closed. The doll pattern uses our exclusive assembly technique to ensure the minimal amount of extra sewing. The arms, legs, head and body are all made and joined securely in the hoop, successfully eliminating hours of tedious hand sewing.

The t-shirts are removable. Again we have done the majority of the work in the hoop, leaving the fewest possible seams to finish by hand or machine.

Full step by step instructionss provided.

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