ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12
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ITH Dollhouse 6x10 & 8x12

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Discover the joy of learning and playing with our new “in the hoop” doll house play set.

This set combines the charm of a dollhouse with the interactive magic of a quiet book. The dollhouse opens to a bedroom scene with felt characters and accessories for hours of imaginative play. It’s perfect for travel and keeping your little one occupied on road trips or for screen-free hours at home.

The design comes in two sizes for 6x10 and 8x12 hoops. There are two parts of the design – the house inner and house outer panels. These are then assembled with a straight stitch around the edges on your sewing machine or you could try fabric glue or something similar. Add snap tabs and ribbon handles for a perfectly portable play set.

In addition, we have included a cute felt “paper” doll as well as her teddy bear and three outfits for her closet. These are completed in the 4x4 hoop.

PDF instructions provided.

Design Sizes:

  • Doll 01 = 3.46 x 3.34 inches/3535 stitches
  • Doll02 = 3.47 x 3.22 inches/1934 stitches
  • Dollinner6x10 = 8.65 x 5.07 inches/16220 stitches
  • Dollouter6x10 = 9.65 x 6.07 inches/13147 stitches
  • Dollinner8x12 = 10.38 x 6.09 inches/19688 stitches
  • Dollouter8x12 = 11.58 x 7.28 inches/15850 stitches

Finished Sizes:

  • 6x10 Dollhouse = 9 ¾ x 6 ¼ inches opened flat; 5 x just over 4 ¼ inches folded as a bag
  • 8x12 Dollhouse = 11 ¾ x 7 ½ inches opened flat; 6 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches folded as a bag

PLEASE NOTE! Do not color sort designs! This is an absolute NO-NO. If you are using embroidery software packages like Husqvarna Premier +2 and PE Design 11 (there may be others too), these packages may automatically color sort your design unless the command is disabled.

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