ITH Box Bags 4x4/5x7/6x10
ITH Box Bags 4x4/5x7/6x10
The Purple Hat

ITH Box Bags 4x4/5x7/6x10

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  • 4x4 designs are Hus, Pes and Jef
  • 5x7 designs are Hus, Pes and Jef
  • 6x10 designs are Hus and Pes only.

These fun boxy shaped bags are a stylish way of storing and carrying so many things, from small items like lipstick and change to pencil crayons and sewing supplies.

The designs are not completely made in the hoop but the “hard” part is done for you, i.e. inserting the zip and quilting the front panels. They are UNLINED.

All that’s left is a few simple straight seams done on your sewing machine and your box bag is complete!

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